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July 1, 2023

IGNITE: For Youth, For Good

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A concert, celebration and community.

We all have sparks, that glow from passions, talents, desires, and our dreams. But how far can our sparks go? 

This youth day, join us as we celebrate the good that youth can accomplish. IGNITE will feature awesome, exuberant, and yet heartwarming musical performances from our talented youth lineup, each with a captivating story that aims to ignite each of our sparks.

Come along with us on this night of performance, celebration, warmth and community to discover our sparks and ignite our passions.

Online ticketing is open now.

IGNITE: For Youth, For Good is more than just a concert. It is a celebration of our youths and what we can and will accomplish. Join us in this celebration of youth and the good we can do when we find our sparks and come together.


officially out now.

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