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youth to visit this site.

This Youth Day,
join us at Reso’s Youth Day concert, 

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What's IGNITE?

IGNITE brings you captivating performances by talented youth all across the island, with a story that’s bound to keep you glued to your seats. From pop to rock, the variety of acts curated by our youth community aims to spread the passion and love for music, and use it for the greater good.

Each one of us has a spark within us. A spark waiting to ignite.

Tell us.

What IGNITES you to do good?

Thank you for submitting your message.

"What ignites me to do good is the community around me. I feel that there are many ways I can utilise my strengths to impact more people, and I want to see the productivity of the communities around me."

Let’s ignite the night sky, together.

Ignite your spark. Find your community. Celebrate our youth.

1st July, 7.30pm. VivoCity Skypark Amphitheatre. See you there.

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