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We welcome youth aged 13-18 across Singapore with a heart for service and the community! Join us as a volunteer to bring music to the less fortunate. Recruitment is now currently open, do click below to join our WhatsApp group to get information on our briefings and who we are.


Q: What do Teacher-Mentors do?

A: Our Teacher-Mentors engage in direct service through over 36 sessions a month at 10 partner centres across Singapore. 

Q: What instruments do Teachers-Mentors teach?

A: Teacher-Mentors teach Keyboard, Cajon, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Ukelele. 

Q: What is the commitment level for Teacher-Mentors?

A: Teacher-Mentors go down to partner centres biweekly, for at least a year. We believe in the importance of a long-term commitment with our partners to create a long-lasting impact. This is so that members can make a substantial personal impact, developing strong connections with our beneficiaries.

Media Volunteers

Q: What do Media volunteers do?

A: Our Media volunteers are the brains behind our online publicity content. Media is an integral part of our project, and they strive to release digital material such as our event posters, Instagram posts, website and more.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites if I want to join as a Media Volunteer?

A: Yes, It is best to have experience in one or a number of creative disciplines (photo/video/design/illustration/editing/motion graphics).

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